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Takaje is a true innovative vacuum preservation system: a set of tools and accessories was designed to accompany the valve to exploit the principle and to extend its potential uses. As such, in every situation, it will be quick and easy to protect the taste of the best creativity in the kitchen over time.

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    Takaje Vacuum Machine

    An invention that implements the most advanced and effective solutions for fresh, processed or cooked food preservation. With its special built in extension, it takes full advantage of the characteristics of the Takaje valve, packing food in any glass container. In addition, thanks to its vacuum chamber, it is also a perfect tool to store food in bags and rolls.

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    Takaje Deluxe

    All the functions of Takaje Vacuum Machine in a solid stainless steel body: the Deluxe version takes the Takaje vacuum to new heights of durability and reliability. Perfect for intensive use and for large volumes of work, it is an ideal tool for both cooking enthusiasts and for professional chefs.

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    T-43 PRO

    Designed for the needs of catering professionals, it combines great power and versatility. It has a dual sealing bar, a stainless steel structure and a gauge which indicates the vacuum level obtained.

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    Takaje Bottle Cap

    The special bottle cap that includes the Takaje valve. It is designed to preserve the organoleptic qualities of non-carbonated beverages and wines of all types for a long, long time: up to 5 times the normal preservation period. It is compatible with the most common sizes of bottle.

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    Takaje Vacuum Box

    The stainless steel container, particularly designed for the system, integrates a special Takaje stainless steel and silicone valve. It maximises food preservation and can be used in the freezer and for baked foods. Available in two different heights.

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    Takaje Vacuum Pump

    Portable and simple to use, the Takaje Vacuum Pump is perfect away from home, in situations where there is no electric power, or as an alternative to the Vacuum Machine when space is limited.

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    Bags and rolls

    The embossed bags and rolls ensure hygiene, robustness and a high level of sealing over time, conserving any type of food for lengthy periods. Available in a wide range of sizes. Also in the version for "sous vide" cooking.

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